Drug Screens-Colds-Immunizations-Pulmonary Function Test
Physicals –DOT Certification –Audiograms- Sore Throat –
EBT –Stomach Ache – Overseas Travel –Vaccinations -
Hair Testing –Sprains –H2S CLEARANCE – Vision –Coast Guard Physicals–
Lacerations–Random Screening – X Ray –EKG - Functional Test–Sore Back –
Fever – Pulled Muscle –Fractures – Alcohol Test – Eye Injury
Glucose Test – Lung Capacity –Flu shots-Tuberculosis Test –
Lab Work – Work Related Injury –Pregnancy Testing -
Flight Exams - Medical Records


Stafford HealthCare Clinics
NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY - Medical Care and Services
Stafford Walk In Clinic

General medical care for private patients, work related injuries and minor emergencies

Stafford Occupational Medicine

A clinic solely dedicated to supplying medical needs for employers and their employees with quick results.

Stafford Evaluation Drug Analysis / SEDA

SEDA provides a wide range of services regarding drug screening services and programs.

Stafford Immunization Clinic

A single facility providing immunizations for adults and travelers requiring international vaccinations as recommended by the CDC.

CDC Travel Immunization Webpage Link:

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