Occupational Medicine

Stafford Occupational Medicine was opened in June of 1997 to better serve the needs of the
work place by providing a clinic solely dedicated to supplying medical needs for employers
with no appointment necessary services and quick results. Conveniently located on the corner
of Ambassador Caffery and Westmark Boulevard, hours of operation are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm,
Monday through Friday. Individuals requiring services must arrive by 3:00 pm daily.


DOT History, Review and Physical
PEP History, Review and Physical
 Specialized Health History
       Developed by Dr. Stafford including over 140 inquiries related to applicant's
       history of work related injuries, chemical exposures and additional health
       related questions. Covers a full range of past and present medical conditions.
 Review of Health History
       Upon completion of Health History, applicant responses are reviewed by
       qualified and trained medical personnel with the applicant in a secure and
       confidential environment to verify the validity of all answers.
 Vitals Screening
       Including height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, vision screening,
       and urine dip. Urine Dip is testing glucose and protein levels for possible diabetes
       and/or kidney disease. Depth perception testing is included upon request.
 Medical Physical
       Medical history is reviewed by physician prior to exam. Male applicants are
       examined either in a gown or in the applicant's underwear, while female applicants
       are placed in a gown allowing any undisclosed surgical scars and/or bodily
       impairments to be documented by the medical practitioner.
       The applicant is checked for medical ability to perform job duties according to job
       description through range of movement, flexibility and reflex testing. Upon
       completion of the medical exam, all paperwork is reviewed for compliance and
       forwarded to the company. Copies of all records are kept on-site for quick
       accessibility and any future reference.
Functional Capacity Evaluation
       A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a systematic process of assessing an individual's
       physical capacities and functional abilities. The FCE matches human performance levels to the
       demands of a specific job or work activity or occupation..
Functional Assessment
       Testing of applicant's strength and agility through exercise tolerance testing to
       determine if applicant can perform certain task.
X - Rays
       To determine any congenital / acquired abnormality.
       Lumbar X-Ray 
              5 View
              3 View
       Chest X-Ray
              2 View
              1 View
       C Spine X-Ray 
              3 View
       Audio testing with computerized Tremics RA500 Audiometer and Tracor
       AR9S Audiometric booth performed by certified medical personnel. Basic
       questions are reviewed prior to testing and hearing protection instruction is
       given to all applicants.
Pulmonary Function
       Computerized evaluation of applicant's lung capacity, function and ability to
       wear a respirator performed by certified medical personnel.
       Heart monitoring using Burdick Eclipse 850 computerized ECG. Evaluation
       of applicant's heart for static abnormalities.
       Blood test for syphilis (generally given to food handlers).
       Complete blood count test revealing possible hematological abnormalities.
       Comprehensive blood test evaluating kidney, liver and lipid function.
Lead Level
       Blood test for lead levels.
       Skin test for tuberculosis.
       Charge associated with disposal of all material involved with blood collection.

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